The Ferrari F355 Spider

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Ferrari F355 Spider – Key Details

The Ultimate Guide to the Ferrari F355 Spider

Ferrari F355 Spider – Photo Gallery

Ferrari F355 Spider – Technical Specifications

Ferrari  – Registry & Videos

Ferrari  – Key Details

Ferrari F355 SpiderDetail
Launched: 1995
Engine: V8 – Rear Engine
Power: 279 kW (380 hp) at 8250 rpm
Torque: 363 Nm (37 kgm) at 6000 rpm
Top Speed: 295 km/h
0-62 mph (0-100 kmh):4.7 sec
Replaces: TBC
Fiorano Lap time: TBC
Did you know: TBC

The Ultimate Guide to the Ferrari F355 Spider


One year after the F355 Berlinetta made its first appearance on the street, Ferrari introduced us to the F355 Spider, featuring a semi-automatic soft top in place of the Berlinetta’s hardtop. In a Ferrari-first, the convertible top could be raised or lowered electronically. With over 1800 hours of wind tunnel research, Ferrari created a masterpiece with the F355, both from an engineering and visual standpoint. It has often been said that the F355 was Ferrari’s answer to Acura’s NSX supercar. The prancing horse seemed to match or exceed it Japanese counterpart in ever way, save for reliability.

As in all F355s, a sonorous, high-revving V8 sits at the heart of things. To create its special high-strung character, Ferrari started with the 3.4-litre powerplant from the F348, then bored the engine 2mm and added a 5-valves-per-cylinder configuration. A host of smaller modifications were then added, resulting in a 3.5 litre, 380-bhp V8 with an 8500-rpm redline. Even though it came with a substantial power increase over the F348’s engine, its electrifying sound is what makes this engine so special, much more evocative of a 1990s V12 F1 car than an ordinary road car.

At first, the Spider was only offered with a gated 6-speed manual transmission, but two years on Ferrari began installing their special new “F1” transmission in the convertible F355. This new electrohydraulic transmission was a world-first, capable of quicker shifts than even a highly skilled driver was able to pull off with the standard 6-speed manual. Unusually for automatic-style transmissions of that era, the F1 was shifted via paddles on the steering wheel, a technology that has since trickled down to ordinary family saloons. Electronically-adjustable dampers filtered out road imperfections and quell body roll while still delivering plenty of feel to the driver’s hands.

Between 1995 and 1998, Ferrari made over 3700 F355 Spider models, making it the second-most popular F355 model after the Berlinetta. Aside from some below-average reliability, the F355 Spider is an amazingly appealing proposition today, giving drivers the complete top-down experience that even the Targa-topped F355 GTS model can’t match.

Ferrari F355 Spider – Photo Gallery

Ferrari F355 Spider – Technical Specifications

Technical SpecificationDetail
0-100 km/h4.7 s
0 -200 km/hTBC
Max. speed183 mph / 295 km/h
Overall displacement3495 cm3
Max. power output*279 kW (380 hp) at 8250 rpm
Max. torque*363 Nm (37 kgm) at 6000 rpm
Dimensions & Weight
Length4250 mm
Width1900 mm
Height1170 mm
Dry weight**1350 kg
Fuel ConsumptionTBC
Co2 EmissionsTBC

Ferrari F355 Spider – Registry & Videos

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