Aston Martin’s Vulcan excites you in the way an F1 car would; a mix of childhood awe and wonder mixed with sheer terror. That’s what a completely stripped-down, track-focused car with over 800 bhp can do for you. It’s not everyday you are presented with the opportunity to have such an exciting experience. With only 24 examples built, the Vulcan commanded close to 2 million pounds from each willing customer during its production run in 2015 and 2016.
So, what makes this car worth such a premium over Aston’s other fine vehicles? Well, quite a lot, it turns out. There’s the F1-sytle steering wheel, the race-style pushrod suspension, trick Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve dampers, and on and on. And then there’s the engine. The Vulcan’s behemoth 7-litre V12 is naturally aspirated, producing 820 horsepower and 590 torques. In case you want to ease your way into the full performance potential of the car, and I don’t think this is a bad idea considering the car’s price tag, you can limit the power to either 500 or 675 bhp. Widespread use of carbon fibre throughout the vehicle means the Vulcan weighs in at a featherweight 1350 kg when dry.

In contrast to some other singularly-focused track cars, Aston Martin has apparently paid just as much attention to the styling as they did to the performance of the car. The lines are epically beautiful, no matter which angle you are looking at. The taillights are like nothing you will find on any other car, and even the half-steering wheel has been crafted with a gorgeous carbon fibre pattern topped by a shiny inlaid Aston Martin badge.

Aston Martin reserves veto power on when and where the Vulcan can be driven, but they do allow owners to take their cars home after the track fun is over. Fed up with the limitations, one owner has reportedly converted his Vulcan to be road-legal. In 2017, an aerodynamically-enhanced Vulcan, called the AMR Pro, was introduced. Thanks to various upgrades made to the wing and body panels, the AMR Pro produces 27% more downforce than the standard version. No matter what version of the Vulcan you consider, it is one spectacularly quick and amazingly good-looking car.


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