Named for a defunct racing circuit, the 1992 Bentley Brooklands was hinting at a sporting past. In reality, however, this model was much more of a limousine than a track-day toy. That’s right, the original Bentley Brooklands used a four-door saloon configuration. This puts it in a different class than its spiritual successor, the 2008 Brooklands coupe.

Powering the Giant

The first-generation Bentley Brooklands used the 6.75-litre V8 out of the Turbo R. Except, in this case, the engine was not turbocharged. This was fitting for the Brooklands, which was slotted in below the Turbo R in the Bentley line. Sitting on a 5,370mm (211.4 inch) wheelbase, there is a lot of mass for that Rolls-Royce V8 to lug around. The estimated 222bhp and 332 lb-ft of torque struggled to get the big saloon to 62mph by 10 seconds. That’s quite slow by today’s standards, but actually not all that bad for a gigantic boat of a car built nearly 30 years ago. In 1996, the model received a turbocharger to help liven things up. The extra 75bhp helped the car hit 62 in a more respectable 8.7 seconds.

Styling of the Bentley Brooklands

From outside or in, the Bentley Brooklands is very similar to the Turbo R that sold alongside it. Of course, that means it brings as standard excellent craftsmanship and style. Many of the interior features were quite extraordinary for its time, even though they sound rather common today. There were power memory seats, heated seats, traction control, and an outside temperature gauge. As you would expect, there are also thick lamb’s wool carpets, supple leather, and acres of woodgrain. There is no doubt this was an exceptionally luxurious vehicle back in 1992.

Production and Legacy

While Brooklands coupe would later share the Brooklands name, the true successor to this model was the 1998 Arnage. While in production, the big saloon also shared many of its components with the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. This included not only the major parts like the engine, but even the design of the cars was very similar.


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