If you ask any random group of Ferrari fans to name Pininfarina’s most beautiful design, chances are the number one answer would be the 1962 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso (250 GT Lusso for short). This model represented the final in a line of 250 GT cars, one of which recently sold for a record amount, so these are certainly some of the most desirable cars on the planet today. But underneath that stunning sheetmetal is a strong performer.

Respectable Specs

The V12 Colombo-designed engine displaced 3.0 litres and produced 240 horsepower, good enough to claim the fastest production car title at the time, with a top speed of 150 mph. The live rear axle combined with the front double wishbone suspension for a ride that was comfortable enough for everyday use but still sporty enough to keep up with the sports car competition of the day. Unfortunately, despite the civilised driving experience they provided, the engine and 4-speed manual gearbox were notoriously unreliable. In fact, actor Steve McQueen eventually sold his 250 GT Lusso because his engine wouldn’t stop emitting copious amounts of smoke. Still, these weaknesses have done nothing to tarnish the everlasting appeal of the car, thanks mostly to the gorgeous exterior styling.

A Timeless Design

With more emphasis placed on comfort than in any previous Ferrari model, the 250 GT Lusso’s engine was moved forward in a space-over-balance sacrifice. While retaining just two seats like its predecessor the 250 GT Coupe, more space was now afforded to that pair of occupants, plus an expanded rear cargo area. The rear Kamm tail design integrated a small spoiler; this was the first Ferrari to incorporate such aerodynamic considerations.


Out of the 351 250 GT Lusso’s made, could one of them take the crown as the most expensive car ever sold? Well, it looks like the potential is there, as hard as it is to imagine someone spending enough money to buy 23 Bugatti Chirons just for one classic car. Regardless of its current value, this is one Ferrari that will forever be remembered for its astonishingly gorgeous design.


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