The Ferrari 348 GTS is one of the scarcest models you are likely to run across. By 1993, it was time to give the 348 line a mid-cycle update: The 80s-inspired styling and underpinnings were starting to lag behind the competition from other supercar makers. So, Ferrari took the 348 TS under the knife, creating the updated and improved 348 GTS. Ferrari’s attempts to modernize the 348 were ultimately insufficient, however, with the buying public giving the car a cool reception and correspondingly low sales.

Updated Styling and Power

Minor revisions were made to the GTS’s styling, although they take an eagle eye to spot. Look for a slightly revised front grille, along with new chrome prancing horse badge on the rear of the car. Still, the easiest way to tell the GTS apart from its TS forebear is by finding the badge; these two models look practically identical to the untrained observer. More noteworthy changes lie under the bonnet. While the Ferrari 348 GTS used the same 3.4-litre V8 as the TS, a new engine management system and exhaust allowed it to produce an extra 20 bhp, for a grant total of 320 (or just 312 in the U.S.).

That might not sound like a lot of power today, but back in 1993, it was enough for a 0 to 60 time in the low 5-second range. A dry-sump system was used to prevent oil starvation at high g-loads, keeping the engine lubricated during hard acceleration and aggressive cornering. Most importantly, though, were the handling improvements. The rear wheels were now wider and the car’s suspension geometry was revised, resulting in improved ride and handling compared to the TS.


Even though the 348 GTS seemed to feature enough improvements to entice new buyers, sales were not exactly brisk. Perhaps shoppers were looking for more thoroughly updated styling to go with the performance improvements. From 1993 until the model’s final production year in 1995, just 137 examples of the 348 GTS were made. Such low sales figures mean the 348 GTS an exceedingly rare find on the market today, with prices remaining relatively low. With good looks, a powerful V8, and improved ride and handling, these can be a great used Ferrari option today.


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