First released in 2002, the Ferrari 360 GT was a modified, race-prepped version of an already modified and race-prepped version of the 360 Modena. There is a good reason for all of this, though, because while it was based on the 360 Challenge car, it had a very different purpose to fulfil. While the Challenge cars compete in the Ferrari-only events, the 360 GT was designed to be driven by private owners competing against other makes, most notably Porsche and their GT3s, in the short-lived FIA N-GT class.

More Power, Less Weight

Still displacing 3.6 litres, the V8 was now modified to the tune of 430 bhp; about 20 horses more than the Challenge car could muster. Other racing accoutrement include wider fenders, front and rear, as well as a new NACA duct on the front of the car to interior cooling (because, of course, no AC was offered). As per FIA regulations, the 360 GT weighed in at 1,100 kg, although lightening efforts were so successful that 30 kg of ballast was required in order to achieve that weight. To lose an impressive 90 kg from the 360 Challenge car, the GT ditched the AC brackets, switched to full carbon-fibre doors, and even received a new wiring loom that weighs 7 kg less than the old one.

Race Time

We have the JMB Racing team to thank for the Ferrari 360 GT, as their 360 GT test mule took top honours in the 2001 FIA N-GT class. If it had not been for that success, Ferrari may never have decided to produce its limited run of proper 360 GTs. That success proved an accurate bellwether for the new GT car, which achieved multiple first place finishes throughout the 2002 and 2003 FIA seasons. A second-place result at the 2003 24 Hours of Daytona was another noteworthy finish.

Production and Sales

Between 2002 and 2004, only 20 examples of the GT racer were built. Sales were handled through the carmaker’s Corse Clienti program, and prices ranged from €382,000 to €402,000, depending on the exact spec requested. A 360 GTC successor would pick up where the GT left off in 2004.


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