If you are looking for a modern, reliable, and luxurious used Ferrari that doesn’t cost seven figures, the 360 Modena might just be your answer. Slotting in between the F355 and the F430, the 360 Modena is another in the long progression of two-seater, mid-engine Ferrari V8 cars. Named after the town where Enzo Ferrari was born back in 1898 (side note: how mind-bendingly weird is it when you realize that the man responsible for the Ferrari F40 was born in the 1800s?), the fixed-roof Modena debuted in 1999.

Compared to the F355, the new 360 was sleeker in design while being both more technologically advanced and more luxurious. In other words, it was ready to bring the Prancing Horse into the 21st century. The 360 Modena received an all-new flat-plane 3.6-litre V8 engine, which Ferrari proudly displayed under a glass bonnet behind the driver. A quick glance in the rear-view mirror was enough to give you chills as you could see those red plenums quivering away. The horsepower rating sat at a nice even 400, while torque was rated at 275 lb-ft. Buyers were given the choice of a traditional 6-speed manual or an “F1” automated manual which gave drivers the choice of shifting via steering-wheel mounted paddles or allowing the car to do all of the work.

Underneath the Pininfarina-designed sheetmetal lives a new spaceframe chassis design utilized aluminium in place of the F355’s steel unit. This lighter material allowed the frame to be 40% stiffer while taking out 28% of the weight. Aluminium body panels also helped to keep weight down and the centre of gravity low. Of course, all of these weight-saving efforts really pay off when it comes time to measure the car’s performance. The sprint to 62 had been knocked down to 4.5 seconds, while the car was renowned in nearly every review for its nearly flat cornering behaviour.

With 8800 total built from 1999 to 2004, the 360 Modena was a runaway success. It also spawned an entire family of 360 models, from the drop-top Spider to the race-ready Challenge Stradale, 360 GT, and 360 GTC. To this day, the Modena is remembered as the car that brought Ferrari’s entry-level model into the modern era, and it also has a reputation as one of the more reliable Ferrari models you can own.

Images Copyright of Foskers