Ferrari have always been innovative in their use of technology, both on track and on the road. We have constantly seen the push to improve the vehicles by adopting the best of technology throughout their time in F1, with these improvements filtering down to the road cars.

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Computers are changing the way we use our cars, and while many manufacturers are trying to make automated driving cars, that just is not what Enzo would do. Instead Ferrari have taken a completely different approach, and have teamed up with Intel to apply AI to the racetrack. Innovation once again.

Recently announced at CES 2018, Ferrari North America and Intel have teamed up together to launch drones at racetracks to not only record the racing, but also analyse the driving to offer suggestions to the drivers and teams. The analysis will take place in real time, providing telemetric information directly to bring down the lap times.

What’s also exciting is that Ferrari will be providing this data to the media, to allow them to analyse and include in their commentary. Viewers will be able to analyse every corner, to see who performs consistently better at each section of the track. Coupled with the AI, the drones will be able to suggest the best section by section line, and strategy to achieve lap time nirvana!

Intel have claimed that the AI is so advanced that it can detect minute details that humans cannot spot. It is claimed that this is not just an image capturing drone, but something that in the futures teams will become to rely up.

You might think that this is something we might see in a few years’ time perhaps, but amazingly this technology is already here and will be on tracks for the 2018 season. This will first be deployed at the Ferrari Challenge North America Series. Should make an interesting season for sure!