The expected protests over Ferrari’s ‘twin-battery’ system – which helps feed the regeneration part of the power-plant – did not appear in Monaco after all, despite much noise from the grapevine before the weekend.

Instead, the FIA carried out an in-depth investigation into the system, and declared it to be completely within the regulations. Ferrari has been the most innovative in this area, and so complex is the system that it had not only rivals baffled, but also the experts from the governing body.

Oil Burning Issue

The continuing saga regarding oil burning, a practice outlawed before this season, is not going away soon, as the Ferrari pair continue to show excessive smoke at some parts of the engine’s operation. The scrutineers, however, have found nothing wrong with the Ferrari’s and the cars have been deemed legal for every race.

Burning excess oil is a way of producing more power and, if the Maranello team has found a way to do so without being detected, it will be penalised in time. There is no evidence so far to show that they are doing anything outside of the rules.

Raikkonen’s Troubles

Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen could do without a situation that has arisen in Canada, in which the Finn has been accused of sexual misconduct in a bar in 2016. The accuser is asking for a great deal of money, hence Raikkonen’s team filing for extortion in the Canadian courts.

Raikkonen denies the incident, and there is no evidence to say it took place, and in the run up to the Canadian Grand Prix this is the sort of publicity he does not need. His legal team have the case in hand, and have filed a complaint that is being investigated by the courts.


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