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Monza SP2 – Main Details

Launched: 2018Engine: V12
Power: 810 HP @ 8,500 RPMTorque: 530 LB-FT @ 7,000 RPM
Top Speed: 185 mph ( 297 km/h )0-62 mph (0-100 kmh): 2.9 s
Replaces: TBCFiorano Lap time: TBC
Did you know: TBC

The Ferrari Monza SP2 – A Monza for Two

Usually when it comes to buying a new Ferrari, you have to choose between 2 and 4 seats – that’s not the case with the Monza SP2. That’s because the Monza SP models feature only 1- and 2-seater configurations. As you would guess the SP2 is the model that allows you to bring one very special friend along for the ride. And, while the single-seater may have stolen the majority of the press photos, the allure of the second seat might just be too strong for many buyers.

Performance Intact

Opting for the 2-seater Monza apparently doesn’t take a huge performance toll on the car. Sure, there is a 20-kg (45-lb) weight gain. Apparently, the 810-hp (604 kW), 530 lb-ft (719 Nm) of torque V12 doesn’t much mind the extra weight. The run from 0 to 62 mph takes just 2.9 seconds; the same as in the Monza SP1. The top speed, meanwhile, has been impacted. By 1 mph. So, unless you really need to travel 186 instead of 185 mph, the main reason to eschew this glorious SP2 in favour of the SP1 is for the highly unique styling of the latter.

Styling and Production

While it doesn’t offer the amazing single-cockpit styling of the Monza SP1, the SP2 still manages to look stunning in its own right. In fact, the more balanced aesthetic is preferable to some observers. It still features the low-slung, open cockpit that has been unburdened of a windscreen. No windscreen, you ask? That’s right, but Ferrari assures prospective buyers not to worry as it has implemented a “Virtual Windshield” system that directs airflow around, instead of at, the driver. I’m not sure how well it works, but let’s hope it’s effective enough to allow Monza owners to enjoy the full performance of these cars without being buffeted by 185 mile-per-hour wind.

As you would guess, Ferrari will build a very limited number of these Monza SP cars. The planned 499 models are to be split between the SP1 and SP2, with the exact balance to be decided by customer orders. Ultimately, this is an amazing piece of design work and we can only hope that Ferrari intends to build more of these “Icona” models in the future.

Ferrari Monza SP2 Wiki – Technical Specification

0-100 km/h2.9 sec
0 -200 km/h7.9 sec
Max. speed>300 km/h
TypeV12 – 65°
Overall displacement6496 cm3
Max. power output*596 kW (810 cv) at 8500 rpm
Max. torque*719 Nm at 7000 rpm
Length4657 mm
Width1996 mm
Height1155 mm
Dry weight**1500 kg (SP1), 1520 kg (SP2)
Under homologation

Ferrari Monza SP2 Image Gallery

Source: Ferrari SPA

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