We all know that Lamborghini doesn’t like to update their flagship V12 cars all that often, so after 6 years on the road, it’s no shock that the all the Aventador received was a mild series of updates, with the model now being known as the Aventador S. Nothing earth-shattering going on here, with Lambo doing just enough to keep its big coupe fresh, interesting and in the headlines. There are a few notable enhancements that justify the addition of the “S” to the name.

What’s New

First of all, some updates have made the V12 engine that made its debut in the original Aventador even more powerful. The 6.5-litre hand-built engine is up 40 bhp, to 730, while torque remains at 690 Nm. With 40 bhp being a mere drop in the bucket for a car this powerful, no surprise that the performance specs haven’t changed: The top speed is still rated at 217 mph, with 62 mph arriving in 2.9 seconds. The other headlining change is the installation of a new four-wheel-steering system. First used on the SV model, this new steering system is speed-sensitive, to help with both low-speed manoeuvrability and high-speed cornering. The carbon-ceramic brakes and Drive Select feature were retained for the S model.

A New Face

It’s not just the mechanicals that received attention, however, as the exterior saw plenty of updates as well. The revised front fascia now sports a meaner, more angular look than before. Out back we find new taillights and diffuser, helping the Aventador S achieve improved aerodynamics, with increased downforce at speed. Minor enhancements such as Apple CarPlay were added to the interior.


We can summarize the host of changes that turned the Aventador into the Aventador S as mild yet comprehensive. Few areas were left untouched, but the overall performance and experience of the car has been left intact. I am sure some were expecting more power or extreme features, but it’s obvious that Lamborghini is reserving those features for its upper-level and one-off Aventador models. I would guess that these changes proved thorough enough to persuaded more than a few owners to trade up – they wouldn’t want people thinking they are driving an old version, after all.


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