While the Lamborghini Huracan shocked the world with its performance back in 2014, the Huracan Spyder (read: convertible) doesn’t stack up, performance-wise. Most of the reason for that can be attributed to the Spyder’s ponderous weight, but another could be that the drop-top Lambo is targeting an entirely different customer base.

Similar Mechanicals to the Coupe

As the LP610-4 designation indicates, the V10 engine is mounted mid-ship, or “Longitudinal Posteriore,” just behind the driver. This mighty 5.2-litre, 610-bhp powerplant is identical to the unit placed in the original Huracan coupe. Of course, the high-tech aluminium/carbon fibre chassis has received additional bracing in order to keep things stable without the roof. In the Lamborghini tradition, the Huracan uses a four-wheel drive system that can send up to 100 percent of the power to the rear wheels when needed. With no manual gearbox available, the only transmission offered is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

About that Performance

Unfortunately, unlike some other modern supercars, the Huracan’s topless transition didn’t come without a performance penalty. All of that bracing came with a significant 120-kg weight gain. Whereas the coupe can hit 62 in under 3 seconds, its convertible brother requires an extra .4 seconds to make it there. That 1,542-kg car convertible with a mid-3-second 0 to 62 mph time can be considered slightly disappointing is an amazing testament to the ludicrous times we live in. Still, the performance disparity indicates that the Huracan Spyder isn’t aimed at those who want to experience the ultimate in driving performance. Rather, its customer base will be made up mostly of people who would rather cruise slowly down a street lined with swanky shops and glitzy hotels than put it on the track to test its limits.


Shelling out an extra £20,000 for a slower, heavier supercar sounds crazy at first. But when you consider that this is still an exceptionally quick car that now allows the driver to soak up the sun while listening to that glorious V10 soundtrack unobstructed, it all starts to make sense. I guess any reasonable Huracan buyer will have to purchase one of each.


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