McLaren seems to have an easy job of selling the 570S Spider. Anyone with the means will receive all of the spectacular performance and stability of the 570S Coupe, only now with option to remove the top and listen to that V8 soundtrack al fresco. With the full measure of precision, balance, and organic road feel of the 570S, and now with the wind in your hair and a thumping V8 exhaust note in your ear, this appears to be a heady mixture indeed.

Hardtop Performance

The carbon-fibre tub chassis that comes standard on the coupe version is strong enough that not one ounce of bracing was required as the car transitioned to a convertible. It would seem that the engineers’ job was an easy one on, then, as pretty much everything but the roof is a carry-over. We have the same twin-turbo 562 bhp 3.8 litre V8, the same brakes, and the same 7-spped gearbox as well.  And because the Spider weighs just 46 kgs more than its hardtop sibling, the performance specs are basically identical: 100 km/h arrives in 3.2 seconds, with the top speed remaining at an impressive 204 mph (a figure that is only achievable with the roof up, mind you).

Limitless Headroom

Enough about what’s the same, let’s talk about what is actually new on the Spider. The retractable hardtop takes just 15 seconds to do its thing: folding and retreating until it disappears beneath its sleek tonneau cover. If this all sounds familiar, it is. This is the exact same mechanism used on McLaren’s exclusive super series cars. Once up, the aluminium hardtop imparts all the quietness and solidity you would expect from the regular hardtop version of the car.


At £164,000, opting for the Spider is a £20,000 commitment over the coupe, even though so very little has changed. But that price starts to make a lot of sense when you look at the value of this car: the performance and stability of the hardtop, now with the option for top-down motoring at a moment’s notice. It’s a wonder they don’t charge more.


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