To create the 600LT, McLaren started with their fabulous 570S and gave it the full treatment. What I mean by that is; 23% of the parts are brand-new and more track-focused. McLaren’s entry-level sports series supercar has now reached another level of performance. Read on as we discuss what separates the 600LT from the car it is based on.

Creating the 600LT

As the “Long Tail” name suggests, the McLaren 600LT has been stretched by 73.7mm compared to the standard 570. More importantly, enough weight-saving materials have been to reduce the car’s weight by a not-insubstantial 96kg. Combine that with the extra power developed by the twin-turbo, 3.8-litre V8 (up by 30bhp to 592 and 14 lb-ft to 457), and this is a much sharper vehicle. Of course, plenty else has been changed and/or upgraded on the 600LT. There is the new trick titanium exhaust that exits out of the top of the rear deck as well. This creates quite the spectacle at night as flames shoot out of the top of the car. A new double wishbone suspension, stiffer engine mounts, and quicker steering also contribute to the 600LT’s hardcore demeanour.

Performance Measures

While the McLaren 600LT is still quite new, some performance statistics have leaked out of McLaren’s offices. They claim a 2.9-second sprint to 60mph, and on to an 8.2-second 0 to 124 mph run. Just in case it’s not already clear, this is a spectacularly fast car. Those numbers are very nearly on par with the mighty 675LT that sits just up-range from this model. Generous aerodynamic tweaks promise faster cornering speeds and shorter braking distances, so the track performance should be equally impressive.


McLaren has promised to build the 600LT for no longer than one calendar year, so you’d better get your cheque books ready.  At £185,500 (or $240,000), the McLaren 600LT costs roughly £40,000 more than the 570S that it is based upon. It is evident that the British carmaker has done plenty of work to justify the premium, so I imagine there will be no shortage of customers lining up to take one home.


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