Revealed at the same time as the standard 720S, the McLaren 720S Velocity was designed to put the MSO division’s work on display for the world. This is McLaren’s team responsible for taking customers’ new cars and adding, well, pretty much anything they want. And because not everyone who wants to customize knows exactly how they want to change their vehicle, McLaren used the Velocity to showcase some of the more impressive bespoke features on offer.

Cosmetic Enhancements

The most striking of the 720S Velocity’s new features is the paint job. This labour-intensive colour scheme reportedly took 300 hours to complete and incorporates two tones, Narello Red and Volcano Red, to create a singed appearance that many reviewers note looks better in person than in photos. Paired with the outrageous paint scheme are new bronze alloy wheels. To reduce weight, the engineers at McLaren have added carbon fibre to nearly every surface imaginable: the bonnet, rear deck, and even the sill covers. The interior of the car continues the red theme, with black and red trim on seemingly every surface that isn’t carbon fibre.

Mechanically Speaking

Aside from a slightly lighter kerb weight, nothing has really changed mechanically: the same 4-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 710 bhp sits in the rear of the car. Along with a stout 568 lb-ft of torque, that’s enough power to propel the McLaren to 62 mph in a scant 2.7 seconds. Four suspension settings allow drivers to customize their driving experience. At the extreme ends of that scale, the McLaren can provide Mulsanne-level comfort on rough and bumpy roads, or, conversely, LaFerrari levels of performance on the track. And that might only be a slight exaggeration; the 720S is actually capable of out-performing the mighty McLaren P1 on some tracks. In that context, the McLaren 720S Velocity still sounds like a good deal, even with its “enhanced” price.


About that price: The 720S Velocity rings up at £120,000 more than the standard 720S, or about £340,000 all said and done. And that right there is why the Velocity is such an exclusive car. Not many McLaren customers are willing or able to shell out that much money for some paint and red stitching, so anyone who does will know they are in a class of their own.

Images Copyright of: McLaren.


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