Five years after the Murcielago was first introduced to the world in 2003, Lamborghini gave it a thorough overhaul, calling the new model the Murcielago LP 640. In addition to the new letters and numbers tacked onto the name, a slew of updates were made to both the mechanical and cosmetic aspects of the top-dog Lambo. In the now-familiar Lamborghini naming tradition, “LP 640” refers to the engine’s rear, longitudinal arrangement combined with the car’s 640 PS output (approximately 630 bhp).
The 60-horsepower bump was generated by increasing the displacement of the V12, from 6.2 to an absolutely massive 6.5 litres. That sort of change really transforms a car, even one as powerful as the Murcielago, and the performance numbers were correspondingly enhanced. With all of that power delivered to the ground via a four-wheel-drive system, 62 mph now arrived in 3.4 seconds, a .5 second improvement. The top speed was also considerably higher, up from 205 to 211 mph, although that number will no doubt stay a hypothetical figure for most owners. The LP 640 also received other performance upgrades, including new suspension tuning, an upgraded clutch, and launch control integrated into the E-gear transmission.
From the outside, the LP 640 can be differentiated from the earlier version of the Murcielago, although the changes are minor. Look for a slightly more angular front fascia, revised air intakes, and a new huge single-outlet exhaust, whereas the previous version had two pipes exiting the centre of the rear bumper. To better view the gorgeous V12, a new clear bonnet was now an optional feature. New wheels and updated tail lamps were installed as well. Step inside, and there have been fewer changes than were made to the exterior – the main ones being a slightly revised instrument cluster and a new stitch pattern on the leather seats.

So, while we can sum up the cosmetic updates to the Murcielago as minor and tasteful, the performance upgrades are the real headline here. Those in the market for Lamborghini’s top model were no doubt drawn in by the new horsepower figures; an important bragging point for such an exuberant vehicle. The LP  640 kept the Murcielago current and fresh in an increasingly competitive supercar market.

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