Controversy is part and parcel in Formula One, and it is something of a surprise that – given the innovations we have seen on this year’s cars – no team has yet protested another! That may be about to change in the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix.

Rumours are circulating that the 2018 Ferrari, the SF71-H, is party to a number of technical innovations, and so far the murmurings have been about excess smoke that the engine appears to deliver at certain times.

Some commentators have mused that this may be an indication that the team is burning more oil than is permitted, but the FIA has said that the Ferrari is within the regulations in this area.

Mirrors on Halo

Further controversy was aroused when the Ferrari’s appeared at the Spanish Grand Prix with mirrors attached to the halo device. The scrutineers took a lot of interest in this addition, and promptly ruled them legal for that race, but to be removed for Monaco and onwards – a curious and somewhat confusing decision.

This comes in the wake of the strange lever that has been seen on Sebastian Vettel’s car only, the purpose of which remains shrouded in mystery, but is believed to be an adjustment for balance in some area of the car.

The Battery Conundrum

This weekend sees the circus return once more to Monaco, where glamour is the name of the game, yet it could see the first actual protests of the season.

The concern is over the Ferrari battery system, which many rival teams believe is providing more power than is permitted, by way of complex arrangements that the FIA cannot fathom. It will therefore be difficult to deduce whether or not such is happening.

While there are many stories of protests about to be made, nothing has happened yet, so expect it to be put into place during the race weekend itself.

Vettel now trails Lewis Hamilton in the driver’s championship, and will be seeking to win on the streets of the Principality to close the gap.

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