Built on the same platform as the Wraith. Rolls-Royce made headlines by claiming that the Dawn is the “sexiest Rolls-Royce ever.” A wonderful characteristic in a car designed to put the occupants of the car on display for everyone to see. This is the Rolls-Royce for the wealthy socialiser; those who want to use their car to attract attention rather than to hide from the curious onlookers any car with the Spirit of Ecstasy on the bonnet is bound to attract.
With 563 bhp and 605 lb-ft of torque, the 6.6-litre, twin-turbo V12 moves the 2,560-kg car with adequate haste, although it will never feel rushed. And that’s by design – the engine is programmed to ensure that the car stays free of uncouth motions that might possibly cause discomfort. The Dawn’s suspension is not a carryover, it was designed specially for the convertible. Active anti-roll bars keep body motions in check, imparting a certain amount of sportiness to the Dawn that is often missing in Rolls-Royces. You would be mistaken in thinking that this means the double R brand has lost its way, though; the Dawn was still engineered with comfort as the first, second, and third priority. No surprise, then, when you learn that the back seats are wonderfully spacious, unlike in just about any other convertible 4-seater on the market.
Rolls-Royce will of course customize the Dawn to fit just about anyone’s taste, with a virtually unlimited array of optional colours and materials on offer. Heck, they will even name a custom paint colour after you, as they have recently done for one of their returning customers. Two optional trims are also available for an even special-er experience: The Aero Cowling, which uses a tonneau cover to turn the Dawn into a 2-seater, and then the Black Badge, which uses a more powerful engine and high-performance bits like carbon-composite wheels to enhance the driving experience.

So, it’s clear then that Rolls-Royce has designed the Dawn to attract a younger, more vibrant customer base than those who normally shop for their big, sedate offerings. But while the Dawn seems to accomplish that goal, it wisely sticks to the Rolls-Royce values of big, heavy, comfortable cruisers rather than trying to be something else entirely.


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