It’s nearly 5 years since F1’s favourite and most decorated driver, Michael Schumacher, suffered a life changing accident. Since then the information from the Schumacher camp has been deliberately limited, and no one but a close circle know his true condition. What is known is that for 6 months he was in a medically induced coma, and now he being cared for by his family at home.

For most that would be the end of the story, but in the case of Schumacher the story continues. His 17-year-old son inherited and developed that racing talent, making his own impressions in his current Formula 3 season. In the latest round of races at Nurburgring he managed to win his 3 races, closing the gap behind the lead driver to just 3 points. With two races remaining he could just win the championship this year.


The Schumacher link to Ferrari

Among those who took note was current Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene, who was hugely impressed by the achievements. He recently commented, “The recent results were very, very good and I wish to him a great career.”

Arrivabene continued by adding “But let the guy have fun. I always repeat this: [young drivers should be] focused, concentrated, but at the same time have fun and grow up slowly but certainly. Then we will see about the future. How can you say no, in Maranello, to a name like this?”

That’s quite a statement to make, to openly say the talented Schumacher may well have a future at Ferrari. But the step from Formula 3 to Formula 1 is not an easy one regardless of the talent or name.


Vasseur’s advice

Sauber Team Principal Frederic Vasseur also noted the teenager’s progress but with caution.

He said “Honestly, I think there is a huge step between F3 and F1 and with the small number of test days we have during the winter, I think it’s… I don’t want to say impossible because we will see, but it’s quite difficult to do the step.

“It will make sense probably for him to do Formula 2 or something like this. But he could have a link with a Formula 1 team, he could do some FP1s. There are many ways to prepare for F1.”

The step into Ferrari may well be too much, but a smaller step in-between may just be what is needed. It will give him more experience and put him in better standing to become a title challenger.

We wait and watch!


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