With both my McLaren Senna and 675LT Spider at Spa, it’s the perfect opportunity to put them head to head versus one another and see what you get for the extra money stepping up from a supercar to a hypercar!

My McLaren 675LT Spider has now been in the garage for almost 3 years, and is the first of my ‘keepers’ that I don’t see going anywhere any time soon.

It cost about £330,000 new and offers exception performance, feel, drama and is immensely capable while also as a Spider being amazing to drive on the public roads.

However, what happens when you step up to the Senna, costing a clean £500,000 more on the price tag, what does that give you in return? Where better to discover the additional power, aerodynamics and grip available than on the tarmac of the F1 circuit in Belgium.

The 675LT has a 3.8l TT V8 with 675PS, the Senna has a 4.0l TT V8 with 800PS, so not only is it 125PS more but also with extremely more aggressive aero.

First up is to take the LT out for some laps during Pure McLaren with the track drying out from some earlier rain fall.

In short, the lap times tell a big story, the Senna is easily capable of going 10 seconds a lap faster in equivalent circumstances without breaking a sweat, and on a circuit like this that’s a huge leap ahead.