What better way to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary than to offer up as “usable art” Michael Schumacher’s F2001 Formula 1 car? Few other F1 cars could generate as much excitement for F1 fans as this one, thanks to its amazing string of wins and podium finishes and the fact that it was driven by one of, if not the, greatest drivers of all time. This F2001, chassis 211, is the very same car Schumacher piloted to victory at the 2001 Monaco Grand Prix on Ferrari’s way to its 11th World Constructors Championships. The 1320 lb, 670 kW car was loosely based on a Mclaren design, but with generous helpings of Ferrari customization, of course.

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While it’s hard to say what sort of Tifoso or Tifosa will scoop up the prized car, this lucky person will be given the option to store the car at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello for safekeeping. While that may not sound like the most exhilarating ownership experience, rest assured Ferrari will still trot out the car at selection of Corse Clienti and private track day events so that it may be enjoyed as more than just art. Said to be in full working order, the F2001 has been given the green light for use at whatever sort of events the owner wishes to use it for and I, for one, certainly hope the future owner decides to use the car for what it was made for, at least occasionally.

The car in question will soon be transported to New York, where it will be displayed at Sotheby’s showroom until the auction. Gavel banging will commence 16th November of this year at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening auction. And just in case you thought this prestigious car might be cheap, know that it is expected to fetch over £3 million, so make sure your piggy bank is ready in advance of the big night if your plan on raising you placard.

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Photo credits: Sotheby’s/Pawel Litwinski