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GTC4 Lusso T – Main Details

Launched: 2017Engine:  V8 – Front Engine
Power:  448KW/610 cv @ 7500 rev/minTorque:  760 Nm @ 3000 – 5.250 rev/min
Top Speed:  320 km/h / 199 mph0-62 mph (0-100 kmh):  3.5 sec
Replaces:  Ferrari Mondial TFiorano Lap time: TBC
Did you know: TBC


You might initially dismiss the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T as the less desirable version of the GTC4Lusso. After all, it’s down 4 cylinders and costs considerably less than its V12 sibling. Don’t be so fast to judge this book by its cover, though, as the T has many a reviewer singing its praises, even when compared to the more expensive and powerful GTC4Lusso.

Let’s start with that engine. The turbocharged V8 displaces 3855 cubic centimetres and produces 610 cv at 7500 rpm. A maximum of 760 Nm of torque is handled by the Variable Boost Management system software that modulates the amount of torque produced to correspond with the gear selected, with maximum available torque increasing the higher you shift, with maximum torque available only in 7th gear. The T uses shorter first and second gears as well as a nearly 13 stone weight reduction to keep performance respectably close to that of its big brother. In fact, the T reaches 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds; one measly tenth of a second behind the V12 version.

Another huge difference when going from the GTC4Lusso to the T is the switch from AWD to a purely RWD setup. The unburdened front wheels are now free to focus solely on steering and handling, while a not insignificant 2% more of its weight is supported by the rear axle. All of this results in a livelier, more agile car, claims Ferrari. Oh, and the reduced weight helps the V8 achieve roughly 30 percent better fuel economy than the V12 variant too.

The GTC4Lusso T doesn’t penalize drivers with cheaper interior treatments, either. Ferrari has promised that the interior trim receives the exact same levels of luxury and craftsmanship as the more expensive version of the car. It’s clear that Ferrari hasn’t designed the T to be just a cheaper version of the GTC4Lusso. No, it really is its own car with plenty of advantages to offer over the AWD version. In summary, unless you absolutely must have AWD or the prestige of driving the top-level GTC4Lusso, the T is certainly worth a look.


People who know me will know I am a big fan of the Ferrari 2+2s, and judging by the fact that I have had five means I appreciate the Lusso T probably more than most! For many a Ferrari should only have two seats, and either a V12 up front, or a V8 sitting behind. I for one do not subscribe to that school of thought, and neither does Ferrari.

In designing the GTC4Lusso and T versions, Ferrari have proven that you can have your cake and eat it. The Lusso range gives a no compromised approach to carrying four passengers, whether up an alpine pass or on the school run. It’s a car for all occasions.

10 Years ago, we would have been talking about larger engines, but today it’s all about better economy, and smaller sizes. The V8 Turbo engine in the GTC4Lusso T was inevitable, but it’s great that Ferrari have successfully executed it without compromise. If I can just persuade Mrs R, this might become 2+2 number 6. Tempting thought!

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T Wiki – Technical Specification

0-100 km/h3.5 sec
0 -200 km/h TBC
Max. speed320 km/h
TypeV8 – 90° turbo
Overall displacement3,855 cc
Max. power output*449 kW (610 cv) at 7,500 rpm
Max. torque*760 Nm at 3,000 – 5,250 rpm
Length4,922 mm
Width1,980 mm
Height1,383 mm
Dry weight**1,740 kg
12,9 l/100km294 g/km

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Source: Ferrari SPA

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