Owners of the ultra-rare McLaren F1 get a chance to experience the pinnacle of speed from back in the 1990s. Today, we bring you one of the finest examples of a used F1 you are likely to ever come across. What makes the F1 so appealing? Mostly the fact that its performance is still competitive with the best cars in the world, 25 years after its introduction. While the Veyron ruled as the 2000s speed champ with a maximum velocity of 253 mph, the McLaren F1, which debuted way back in 1993, is right on the big Bugatti’s tail at 240 mph. In fact, it still holds the record as the fastest naturally-aspirated production car.

Helping the McLaren F1 achieve its spectacular performance is a 6.1-litre BMW-sourced V12, which normally produced 618 bhp. This 1998 version has been fitted with the LM track package, however, giving it an extra edge over the standard car. Some of the impressive upgrades included with the LM trim is an extra-high downforce package, a more powerful 680-bhp version of the V12, as well as a sports exhaust and larger intercoolers. All of these features add up to a highly desirable version of one of the most desirable performance vehicles on the planet.

The example we bring you today is the final production year for the F1, and it is offered by RM Sotheby’s.  Here is what they have to say about it:

The penultimate “standard” F1 road car built, chassis 073 was completed in 1998 and delivered that year to its first high-profile owner. According to information supplied in the owner’s manual (written in and signed by Gordon Murray himself), this car was designated as a European-delivery example that had been finished in AMG Green Velvet with a two-tone cream and green interior. The car was built over the summer of 1998 and is noted as being delivered new on 4 September 1998. However, rather than being shipped out to its first owner, that owner specified for his car to be kept at McLaren’s facilities in Woking. Since the F1 was left in the custody of McLaren, all its requisite services and upgrades were performed by the factory during this time.

I could look at these photos for hours on end. Note the unique three-seater layout, with the central driving position. Then there is the gold trim everywhere and the extensive track-tuning controls on the centre console. With how insane some of the prices have been at recent auctions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this car break the record for most expensive F1 ever sold. And don’t forget that included in the sale is a Gordon Murray-signed owner’s manual. Pretty cool stuff.

The McLaren F1 Gallery

This car is available at: RM Sotheby’s.