Monday Drool – A Chiron, in Black and Bleu

If you are currently in the market for a second-hand Bugatti, today is your lucky day as a beautiful black Chiron has been listed for sale in Germany. Because of the very limited production numbers for Bugattis, it’s not every day you find a new listing. With only 1,600 km on the odometer, this Chiron is barely broken in, and it looks picture-perfect on the ad. While it is not the fastest car in the world like its predecessor was, we are still talking about a very special and very fast car. Before being overtaken by the Agera RS, the Chiron was once the fastest car to ever complete the 0-400 km/h-0 test, a feat the car accomplished in a mere 42 seconds.

And while I have seen some Veyrons and Chirons look rather unwieldy withi garish two-tone colour choices, this example looks splendid in a carbon black exterior paint complimented with that bright Bugatti blue. That traditional French racing blue, or “Le Vie en Bleu” in Bugatti parlance, graces various bits on the exterior of the car, most notably the brake callipers and the underside of the big rear wing.  Step inside, and that bleu is even more ubiquitous, touching at least part of nearly every surface you can see. This appears to be a very tasteful colourway for the Chiron. The black lends an understated quality to a very aggressive car, with the blue touches adding a nice sporty flair.

The Chiron we are talking about today is currently listed for €3.99 million at Kanz Automobile GbR in Burladingen, Germany. The company lists the following attributes for the car, translated to English from their site:

Body completely in carbon black
Sports seating with heated seats
Full leather Beluga Black / Bugatti Light Blue Sport
Contrast stitching in Bugatti Light Blue Sport
7-speed Speed DSG automatic transmission
Switching function on the steering wheel
Rear wing with Chiron logo
Multifunction steering wheel Carbon with contrast stitching in Bugatti Blue
Ceramic brake system
Brake calipers in Bugatti Light Blue Sport
Exterior mirrors made of aluminum
Signature Line in polished aluminum
Parking assistance front and rear
backup camera
Alloy Wheels 20 “/ 21” Diamond Twisted – Nocturne

This is no doubt a very special car, with a very special price tag. If you don’t happen to be in Germany already, it looks to be worth a trip out there.  I wish any of you with the means good luck in your quest for the perfect second-hand Bugatti. Auf Wiedersehen and have a great Monday.

The car is available at Kanz Automobile GbROpens in a new tab.. Be Quick!

Andy Rasool

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