The Best Ferrari Enzo available today? We think so.

It’s hard to image that the Ferrari Enzo is 15 years old, as the car still looks as fresh today as it is did the day it was launched. The launch of the Enzo was so hugely anticipated with people wanting to see something to rival the F40, a model that fans worldwide acknowledged as a better-looking car than the F50. Personally, I think that the F50 is only just beaten to that title, which still makes the Ferrari F50 is a stunning car. is not affiliated with Ferrari SPA.

Everyone expected the next model to be called the F60, but in breaking with tradition Ferrari chose the name Enzo. The problem with choosing a name like Enzo is you have to be pretty damn sure that the car will be worthy of the name. No point in naming your new born child Jesus if you yourselves are atheists!

But on launch it did not disappoint. Looking at the Enzo the design ticked every single box, from every angle! There is not a bad angle on the car, and from some the design is pure perfection. What’s more, they did not follow the design cues of the F40 or F50, as this was a completely new design, angular and bang up to date. Ferrari did what they have since become good at; designing a car that was ahead of its time and looks better today than it did at launch. Not many car manufactures can create a car that still makes you Drool 15 years later.

When we went on the hunt for the best Enzo available today, we saw many low miler cars. Many contenders showed promise, but we were not content. Drool demands something special, and special we found among the 449 cars that were made. Today we present a 2003 version of the Enzo with Delivery Miles. Yes, that’s correct with only 263 miles and the window sticker still attached.

The car in question is a US delivered Enzo, available through Tom Hartley Jnr in the UK. Here is what Tom had to say about it:

Must be the very best example in the world. Supplied new to the owner of Ferrari of Atlanta ‘Edward Wettach 3rd’ a very well-known and highly regarded collector. Never titled or registered anywhere and the original window sticker still present on the front screen with the seat covers fitted protecting the interior. Also complete with its original fitted luggage, spare key, certificate of origin, car cover, tools (including wheel socket), OEM charger, floor mats, original pouch containing all original books which includes the service/warranty supplement & flashlight. In addition, the car has a complete documented history with records of all service and warranty work ever carried out plus the Ferrari red book Classiche Certification.

Sounds perfect, right? Spec wise its perfect too finished in Rosso Corsa with Red leather interior. Perfetto!

You might be thinking why purchase the Enzo and never drive it? We the observant would have noticed that in the pictures there are actually two Enzos, one presumably to drive. Is Edward being greedy? Greedy no. Clever, definitely.

Enjoy the Friday’s Drool!

Who has it?

The car is available through Tom Harley JrOpens in a new tab..

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