Ferrari SP3JC – A One-Off Open Top V12 Stunner

Exclusive, customer-requested Ferrari’s are not an everyday occurrence, yet there have been many examples dating back to the early days of the marque, in the 1950’s. The latest one-off to come out of the Ferrari Styling Centre is this, the Ferrari SP3JC, and it is something very special indeed.

Commissioned by a customer who is an avid Ferrari driver and collector, the car is based on the running gear of the already impressive Ferrari F12tdf, and the client requested an open-top, V12 roadster that would provide uncompromised motoring and performance. Of course, with a long history of V12 Grand Tourers to draw influence from, it’s no surprise the SP3JC harks back to the early days of convertible Maranello products.

Pop Art Influence

Perhaps the most striking and instantly noticeable element of the SP3JC is the paintwork. This is a car clearly intended for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd – indeed Ferrari states that the client is a lover of Pop Art, and wished for that to be an influence on the finish – and there is no compromise here with a very bold, indeed quite unmissable, blue and white finish that makes this car stand out very clearly as a statement piece.

Two year’s work, with the client heavily involved along the way, has produced a body style that beautifully emphasises the front-engined stance and envelopes the mighty V12 in a beautiful but equally aggressive way, and the rear end treatment is as muscular and assured as possible, without eroding the sheer grace of the lines.

Beautifully Finished

The client is clearly also a fan of engineering as that amazing V12 engine is covered by glass inserts that allow onlookers to see the heart of the car in all it’s glory, while the interior – with its full leather trim in wonderful matching blue plus with stitching – is a joy to behold, and a testament to the craftsmanship that Ferrari is known across the world for.

An example of what can be done when the finest designers come together with the greatest engineers, and listen to the ideas of a dedicated enthusiast who clearly understands what the brand is all about, the Ferrari SP3JC joins an exclusive club of one-off Ferrari’s, and is the ultimate example of how to drive something that nobody else can have.

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Andy Rasool

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