Friday Drool – A Rare Chance to Own a One-Off Ferrari

Buckle your bright red seat belts, because we have a very special vehicle to drool over today: this Ferrari SP30. Let me make that a little more clear: this is THE Ferrari SP30. If you aren’t familiar with this model, I don’t blame you. Built in 2013, the SP30 was a one-off design completed for a very wealthy Ferrari aficionado, so there are no others like it in the world. You won’t find reviews and specs for this car, just internet speculation about what exactly lies underneath that custom bodywork. And It appears the car has barely even been driven in its 5 years of existence, making this a very special opportunity for some lucky Ferrari enthusiast to own a one-off Ferrari in brand new condition.

We do know that the SP30 was based on the 599 GTB Berlinetta, and that it was commissioned by a man named Cheerag Arya, whose Ferrari collection will leave you breathless. The SP30 represented Ferrari’s fifth special projects car. Of course, there is more than just a standard 599 underneath its bespoke exterior. Reports indicate Ferrari’s special projects team added a dash of 599 GTO and 599XX into the mix, plus a little bit of F12 Berlinetta for good measure. Although the exact details are murky, the result is a very attractive and aggressive design. Black elements splashed across the hood and side of the car complement the white “30” numerals that make it clear this is no ordinary Ferrari.

Although it is not exactly clear how the car ended up there, this Ferrari SP30 can be found just outside of Houston, Texas. Crave Luxury Auto (CLA) in is the very lucky dealership offering this car for sale. Here is what they say about it:

The winner of this auction will have the opportunity to own this beautiful 2012 Ferrari SP30. The paint is in excellent condition and it is apparent that this car was garaged and meticulously-maintained. The interior is virtually flawless and is equipped with all the right options with only 103 km or 64 miles. You can’t go wrong with this fabulous vehicle! 

Right. The only way you could really go wrong is by spending every last penny to your name on this spectacular car. That little storage nook behind the seats it a cool feature, but I don’t imagine it would be very fun to have to cram all of your worldly possessions into it after foreclosing on your house. Jokes aside, whoever purchases the SP30 next will own a gorgeous piece of Ferrari history.

The Ferrari SP30 Gallery

This car is available at: Crave Luxury Auto.Opens in a new tab.

Andy Rasool

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