The Very First Ferrari F50 Could Be Yours

There’s something special about any Ferrari F50 – the successor to the fabled and ground-breaking F40 – but there is something extra-special about chassis no. 99999. The  very last car to feature a five-figure chassis number, this beautiful car is also the very first F50 of all, and was the car used to debut the model at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show.

This model is resplendent in the familiar red, and comes with the prescribed 4.7litre V12 engine. While 500bhp may not sound a lot in these days of ridiculously powerful hypercars, the F50 was a very capable machine in its day, with performance that is still hard to match now.

Test Car

What makes this Ferrari F50 even more appealing is that it was the actual chassis used for the final test and development schedule, in which it was subject to some very demanding laps around the famous Fiorano test circuit at Maranello.

Great names such as Niki Lauda, Gerhard Berger, Jean Alesi and fabled Ferrari test-driver Dario Benuzzi all gave chassis 99999 a go around the circuit, so if you become the lucky owner, you can claim to be in the same seat as a triple-world F1 champion and two further F1 race winners once sat.

Public Appearances

Having found its way to the USA, the Ferrari F50 was used as a show car and made many public appearances at prestigious events. It remains in stunning condition with just 1400 miles travelled. Up for sale with highly regarded specialists Autosport Designs in New York, the car represents a very rare opportunity to buy a piece of Ferrari history – this was the very car used for measurements for models, for press photography and even for posters.

The price? The dealer is not listing one, so be ready to pay a big number for what must be the most desirable F50 of all.

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Andy Rasool

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