Today we are drooling over not one but two potent Ferraris. It appears that a collector in the states has decided to sell two matching, high-performance vehicles at once: one 2015 458 Speciale Aperta to go with a 2017 F12 TDF. And their loss is about to be someone else’s spectacular gain. Even though they are only a few years old at this point, this matching pair of Ferraris represent an era that could very well be gone for good in the near future. That’s because these are high-strung, naturally-aspirated performance cars. No turbochargers or hybridization to spoil the fun here. 

Let’s first discuss the 458. In creating the Speciale Aperta, Ferrari upgraded the 458 Italia’s 4.5-litre V8 to produce 596 bhp at 9000 rpm – an increase of 35 bhp over the standard car. That’s enough grunt to propel the Speciale A to a top speed of 199 mph. Distinct forged wheels, spoiler, bonnet, and bumpers help set the Speciale A apart from its less “special” 458 kin. 

Now let’s turn our attention to the F12 TDF. The naturally-aspirated engine in this one is a V12 and it produces an incredible 769 bhp at 8500 rpm. Like all F12 TDFs, this one uses an improved version of the F12 Berlinetta’s 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which allows this GT car to accelerate to 62 in a mere 2.9 seconds. In fact, the F12 TDF is so fast that it’s official Fiorano lap time came in at barely more than 1 second behind the incredible LaFerrari hypercar.

Both of these blue dreamboats are being offered for sale by Merit Partners in Atlanta, GA. Here is a little taste of what they have to say about these Ferraris:

The Speciale Aperta has long been one of our top 5 cars in the world not only to drive but for investment potential as well … Being likely the last of the numbered naturally-aspirated front engine Ferrari’s we will see, the TDF is a sure collector car with a raucous character that makes it so satisfyingly fun to drive.

With just 499 458 Speciale Apertas and 799 F12 TDFs ever made, it’s not every day that we find even one of these vehicles for sale, to say nothing of encountering a pair. With matching blue exteriors and red interiors, picking up both of these cars would make for quite a statement in anyone’s garage. Of course, not just anyone will be able to purchase these masterpieces in automotive performance. Combined, these mint-condition Ferraris cost nearly $1.7 million (£1.34 million). But what else would you expect from automotive perfection like this?

The Ferrari F12 TDF & 458 Speciale Aperta Gallery

This car is available at: Merit Partners.