For traditionalists, the prospect of a Ferrari SUV is not one that is taken kindly to. However, with a massive section of the market now taken by SUV’s and cross-over vehicles, it is no surprise that even Ferrari is adding one to its range, and it is widely expected to appear in 2019.

In an intriguing development, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has also hinted that a V8 Hybrid Ferrari engine is also due to make its debut next year. Speaking to Auto Express, he said that there are already test mules, and that the powerplant would be ‘more of a traditional hybrid’ than that seen in the fantastic LaFerrari.

Revised Range

As most of the Ferrari range has been updated in recent years, or is a recent introduction such as the Ferrari 488 – only a couple of years old – speculation is no rife in Ferrari circles that the proposed hybrid engine will be seen in the SUV model when it hits the market in 2019.

This would make a lot of sense, given Marchionne’s recent comments about Ferrari introducing cars ‘for daily drivers’ in the near future. A hybrid V8, with plug-in charging, would make a Ferrari SUV an attractive proposition, especially compared to rival models from Bentley and Lamborghini which both use standard, large and very thirsty engines.

Emissions Targets

The prospect of new emissions targets in 2020, which apply to manufacturers selling more than 10,000 units per year, is another reason for Ferrari to look to a hybrid SUV. Ferrari is on target to sell 9000 cars in 2018, and a new SUV model would certainly take sales beyond 10,000.

It may not be what Ferrari is – or has been – all about, but for many, the upcoming Ferrari SUV, potentially with a hybrid V8 engine, is an exciting prospect and a development that puts the firm right in the mix of a major market sector.