Monday Drool – Ferrari F12 – Subtle outside. Stunning Inside

Before you blast me, I am aware that Monday Drool is reserved for current models, and Ferrari F12 isn’t. Indeed, the F12 has already been replaced with the stunning Ferrari 812 Superfast, with cars starting to trickle out of the factory to the homes of lucky owners. We even featured one of the first 812sOpens in a new tab. to come to market in a previous Drool Article.

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The trouble is that the Ferrari F12 is actually in limbo. Too new to be old, and too old to be the latest. Besides the production only finished last year, so technically the paint has only just dried.

With that aside we present for Monday Drool this Ferrari F12 for sale at Bentley Gold CoastOpens in a new tab. in the Windy City (Chicago). I still remember when the F12 came out and many naysayers commented on the rear design being too, well, feminine. Then a lucky few got to drive it, and the critics were silenced. Dumbfounded actually.

In 2006, Ferrari launched the 599 GTB, with the mighty Enzo engine placed firmly into it’s chest. It managed a Fiorano lap in 1 min 26.5 seconds. Then, as the 599 was being phased out, Ferrari resurrected the mighty GTO name with the 599 GTO, thrashing out Fiorano in 1min 24 seconds dead. Impressive you might think, but not surprising since it’s a stripped out version of the earlier car. What happened next was unexpected, with the F12 doing it in 1min 23 second.

Lets put that into perspective. The F12 is a car that you could use everyday if you wanted. It has heated seats, carpets and a radio. Hell it even has soundproofing, and this road car only came two years after the mighty GTO. That’s how good the Ferrari F12 is, and reviews at the time commented that this car is not just fast, but too fast.

Back to this F12. What makes this so good? In Drool we always like to pick cars that are rare or have been speced so well. I never used to like white cars, particularly Ferraris, but this car looks stunning. Perhaps it’s the colour offset against the red leather, or maybe it’s the style of the car. I’m sure you will agree it does look good in white.

Bentley Gold CoastOpens in a new tab. are selling it. We actually don’t have a huge amount of detail, but here is what we know about it:

ModelF12 Berlinetta
EngineV12 6.3L
Exterior ColorBianco Avus
Interior ColorRosso Ferrari

With only 1,000 miles on the clock, it probably will make a great purchase for a lucky owner, saving chunks of money on the list price. It may be subtle on the outside, but inside it’s a stunner.

The car is available at Bentley Gold CoastOpens in a new tab..

Andy Rasool

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