Monday Drool – Ferrari F12 TDF – A Supercar to Compete with Hypercars

If you, for some reason, feel that the standard F12 Berlinetta’s performance isn’t up to snuff, you are either insane or an F1 driver. And for that crazy person/race car driver market, I have just the car: the Ferrari F12 TDF. The standard F12 Berlinetta shocked the world by beating the Enzo by an incredible 2 seconds around Fiorano, Ferrari’s test track, so it’s a wonder that Ferrari ever even tried to make a high-performance version. Weight is down and power is up, among the many, many, other performance upgrades that come standard on the TDF. Let’s get on to the specs.

Under that long, low, muscular hood lies a great big V12. With over 6 litres of displacement, this naturally-aspirated powerhouse puts out a staggering 769 bhp at an equally-impressive 8500 rpm. A HELE stop-start system turns the engine off when the car is not moving, saving fuel for more entertaining uses later. Like all F12 TDFs, this one uses an improved version of the F12 Berlinetta’s 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which allows the car to accelerate to 62 in a mere 2.9 seconds. With all of its performance upgrades, this model earned a reputation as a formidable track tool after posting a 1:21 lap time around Fiorano, Ferrari’s own test track. That puts the F12 barely more than 1 second behind the incredible LaFerrari hypercar. This kind of performance from a big front-engine GT car is simply awe-inspiring.

This dashing silver F12 TDF is currently available at Coutts Automobiles in London. Here is what they say about it:

Full History, Carbon Fibre Throughout, HELE pack, Front Lift, Big spec Silver, 1 owner, International delivery/ export, All credit cards accepted, Finance and Private viewings available.

With only 1800 miles of experience, this is Ferrari is barely broken in. Inside the handsome silver exterior lies a rather sinister-looking all-black interior swathed in Alcantara and leather. Taken together, these elements lend an athletic yet serious appearance. While the dealer plays coy with the price on their website, a bit of google digging shows a list price of £824,950. With only a “POA” listed for the price on the dealership site, perhaps there is a bit of wiggle room on that breath-taking price.

The Ferrari F12 TDF Gallery

This car is available at: Coutts Automobiles.Opens in a new tab.

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