Monday Drool – The Ultimate Isolation Chamber on Wheels

There is only one car with a backseat more comfortable than the one in the Rolls-Royce Phantom, and that’s the one in today’s drool car – the Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB. As you probably guessed, “EWB” stands for extended wheelbase. Compared to the standard Phantom, an additional 220 mm (roughly 9 inches) of car have been inserted between the wheels. And, of course, all of that extra room was dedicated to the backseat. So much room, in fact, that Rolls-Royce refers to the rear area of the car as a “suite.”  Yes, this is it: the most indulgent, luxuriously comfortable car imaginable. What all will you find inside this magnificent vehicle?

Just like all 8th-generation Phantoms, this one sports the new, twin-turbocharged V12 that develops 563 bhp and 664 lb-ft of torque. While this torque monster gives the big saloon impressive acceleration, that’s hardly the main intention of a car like this. No, this car’s sole purpose and the reason for its existence is to coddle its rear occupants to within a millimetre of their lives. Active anti-roll bars and a self-levelling air suspension keep the ride stable and level. Owners of this car will certainly not be needing a leveling kit (get more details here), to create a smoother ride! The camera system dubbed “Flagbearer” scans the road to prepare the suspension for any upcoming irregularities which also helps provide the passengers with a smooth ride. Intensive focus on sound insulation has resulted in, according to Rolls-Royce, the quietest car in the world. Over 135 kgs of sound insulation were integrated into the design, and even the tyres have been specially designed for the Phantom, integrating foam into the design to reduce sound intrusion. And to top it all off, privacy curtains and an electrochromatic glass partition enable Phantom occupants to completely isolate themselves from the outside world. So much, in fact, that an intercom system has been installed in case they need to say anything to the driver.

This particular two-tone Phantom is currently for sale at the Indigo Auto Group in Rancho Mirage, California. According to the ad, there are many special items that make this Phantom exceptional:

This Phantom is further enhanced with the following: The Phantom Package, Elevating Footrests, Rear Compartment Curtains in Black22 Fully Polished Forged Alloy Wheels, RR Monogram to All Headrests in Seashell, Driver Assistance Systems, Active Cruise Control, Night Vision w/ Pedestrian Recognition, Immersive Seating w/ Occ. Third Seat, Individual Seat Configuration, Rear Massage Seats, Illuminated Treadplates, Phantom Picnic Tables, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Audio, Black Boot Trim, Decoding for No-Dazzle High-Beam Assistance, WiFi Hotspot Preparation, Head-Up Display, and Connected Drive Services.

That’s a lot of kit, especially when you realize that we pared the list down considerably just to keep this article to a reasonable length. And for $617,000 (£466,870 at the time of this writing), the ultimate isolation chamber-on-wheels can all be yours. Just don’t forget to push “Talk” before trying to speak to your driver.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Gallery

This car is available at: Rolls Royce Rancho Mirage.Opens in a new tab.

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