Possible Ferrari 488 V6 Hybrid Spotted – Return of the Dino?

Spotted testing in Germany, a disguised Ferrari 488 making sounds that were not recognisable as the cars trademark V8 grumble has sparked speculation it could be testing a V6 engine, perhaps even a hybrid. Recent new 488 models, the Pista and Aperta, were further performance models of the 488 range, but the observer who posted videos on YouTube of this example reckoned this had a very distinctive V6 sound.

The video has raised interest in the rumoured revival of the Dino name, which has been talked about for more than a year. Could the new Dino be powered by a hybrid V6, such as that said to be tested in the 488 seen in Stuttgart? It’s entirely possible, especially if we look at the history of the Dino brand.

Entry Level Model

Fist introduced in 1968, the Dino – named after Enzo Ferrari’s late beloved son – was a V6 powered sports car powered by a V6 engine. It is notable that the first Dino, the 206GT which was built for only one year, and its replacement model the 246GT which remained in production until 1974, were never badged as Ferrari’s; Dino was a separate brand until the later 308GT4 Dino, with it’s V8 engine, was given Ferrari badges in 1976.

The Ferrari 206 and 246 Dino design is regularly cited as one of the most beautiful cars of all time. Sleek and curvy – it was a Pininfarina design – it has perfect proportions, and is a prime example of why the design house was and is so revered. The replacement 308GT4 was – unusually for a production Ferrari of this era – a Bertone design, by the legendary Marcello Gandini, and was criticised at the time for its more angular looks. It has, it must be said, aged very well and is now considered a classic.

A New Dino?

The late Sergio Marchionne, former CEO of Ferrari, was reportedly keen to resurrect the Dino brand as an entry level Ferrari model, which would sit beneath the Portofino in the range. There were stories that the board were not so keen.

It must be said that there is a perfect engine waiting to be used; the 2.9 litre V6 Twin-Turbo unit that powers the wonderful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifiglio pushes out 505bhp in that form, and with hybrid units added could produce more power.

Do you want to see a new Ferrari Dino? We certainly do, so here’s hoping the car in Stuttgart was heralding the return of a legendary brand.

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