Speeding Ferrari in Christmas Day Police Chase

For some people Christmas Day is one to enjoy with the family, gathered together to indulge in a fine meal and with gifts and fun the order of the day. For one Ferrari drive in the small town of Smethwick, not far from Birmingham in the West Midlands, things were about to take a turn for the worse.

The driver of the red Ferrari 458 seemingly decided that racing through the streets of the town on Christmas Day in the Ferrari would be a fun thing to do. He figured without the local police being on hand to stop him in his tracks.

Video Evidence

A video filmed by a bystander – who can be heard shouting ‘Bruv please stop!’ as he films – shows the Ferrari speeding through the streets, thought to be around the Windmill Lane area of the town, and overtaking other traffic in a dangerous fashion while a police car with blue lights flashing and siren follows in hot pursuit.

The car was driven through the streets of Smethwick and neighbouring Oldbury for a short distance, before it was blocked by an unmarked police car on a residential street, where pictures of it being put onto a low loader were later released.

Serious Explaining

The traffic police later tweeted, along with a picture of the car: “Christmas Day and we are out. This Ferrari failed to stop for officers, but his driving was no match for our police driver. Vehicle seized, prosecution pending. #oops.”

Whether the driver owned the car or otherwise is not mentioned in the reports. The moral of the story is this: if you do want to take your supercar out for a Christmas Day run, find a nice stretch of road, keep within the law, and remember that police do work on Christmas Day!

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