Lamborghini Christmas Drive – LM002 and Urus in Festive Mood

There’s nothing like the festive season to bring out the best in people, with jollity and enjoyment always to the fore, and what better way to mark Christmas 2018 than by celebrating with a spectacular drive in a Lamborghini? Or, even better, several Lamborghini’s, as happened on the recent Lamborghini Christmas Drive, on the 13th and 14th of December.

Part of the celebration was the fact that this has been no ordinary year for Lamborghini; this most outrageous of supercar manufacturers took the step of branching out into a new market – that of the super SUV.

Indeed, the Lamborghini Urus has wowed the motoring world with its genuine ability, stunning looks and superb performance, so it was quite fitting that a selection of them should be taken on a gruelling 750km drive through mountainous, wintery roads to test them to the full. But take a look at the pictures and what else do you see?

The LM002

Many will have forgotten that the Urus is not Lamborghini’s first foray into off-road vehicles, for lurking amongst the amazing new machines is a strange, boxy machine that looks entirely utilitarian – and certainly is! This is the amazing Lamborghini LM002, the LM standing for ‘Lamborghini Militaria’. This astonishing vehicle, in production from 1986 until 1993 with just over 300 produced, was the product of a prototype designed for military use, but eventually ending up as a quite absurd – if now very collectable – road car.

Powered by the V12 engine from the Countach – or, if you were really daring, with a 7.2litre V12 offshore powerboat engine – this was a vehicle for the indulgent, and one that found homes with some very wealthy people, such as the Sultan of Brunei (who even ordered a bespoke ‘estate’ version).

The LM002, then, sits alongside the Urus as an example of Lamborghini being ahead of its time in terms of large, off road vehicles. If you want one for Christmas, they are very hard to find, but talk to a Lamborghini dealer and they’ll be more than happy to take your order for an Urus!

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