Supercar lovers of a sensitive nature – look away now! This formerly stunning Lamborghini Huracan met an untimely end on the streets of Cairo, Egypt, and yet – here’s the amazing bit – the driver is said to have got away with just a few minor bruises!

Very little is known about the details of the accident, yet pictures show that the front of the Huracan has suffered the most obvious damage. One report appears to indicate that the driver made a sudden steering correction at a high speed, but we cannot confirm this and no further information is forthcoming.

Indeed, it is not even known if other vehicles were involved in the crash, but we can conclude from the images that the car clearly made contact with something very solid, given the state it ended up in!

Remarkable Escape

One look at the remains of the car – the engine, the rear axle and back end of the car are in one piece on the road, the passenger cell and other part completely separate – would have anyone worried for the driver, but as we said above, police say no major injuries occurred. This in itself is remarkable.

A Lamborghini Huracan would cost in the region of 1.5million riyals in local currency – that’s the equivalent of around £300,000 ($400,000) so this is clearly not a cheap purchase. As with other details of the accident, nothing has been forthcoming about the identity of the driver.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt and one of Africa’s biggest cities with a population of more than 19million people, is home to a thriving metropolitan area. With a burgeoning economy, young and successful entrepreneurs are proud to show off their wealth here, and expensive, exotic supercars are part of the uniform.

Sadly for supercar fans, this is one Lamborghini Huracan that is going the way of a ‘parts only’ for sale advert.

Images Copyright of: Masrawy.