There are few supercar manufacturers that can boast a history as enduring as Aston Martin. With a rich history of mighty, luxurious cars with copious amounts of power and style, backed up by a rich and illustrious history in motorsport across the world, this is one marque that has our attention when something new is announced.

That’s why we are getting all excited about the freshly introduces Aston Martin Vantage AMR. Limited to 200 examples, this is a very special Aston Martin indeed, and some are more special than others!

What is it that makes us so eager to talk about the Vantage AMR? Well, we love the Vantage; it’s one of the greatest British supercars of all time, but the AMR brings to the party something the standard Vantage doesn’t have: a 7-speed, motorsport inspired manual gearbox. This is a car designed to give the driver the very best driving experience one can imagine.

AMSHIFT for Greater Control

The gearbox is even more special thanks to a system known as AMSHIFT, developed in-house by the experts at Aston Martin. AMSHIFT can be switched on or off at the drivers request, and when in operation, it simulates the familiar ‘heel and toe’ gear changes that any driver with competition experience will understand. It can also shift at full throttle for even better performance.

Powered by the wonderful 4.0litre V8, which gives performance of 195mph and 0-60mph in 3.9seconds, the Vantage AMR shaves 95kg from the weight of the standard model, and with almost perfect 50:50 weight distribution, this is a driver’s car through and through.

Yet, there’s something more to tell you about this very special Vantage.

Vantage 59

While there will be only 200 examples of the Aston Martin Vantage AMR in total, some 59 are being produced in a unique and quite superb specification. These are to be called ‘Vantage 59’ and they celebrate the famous 1959 victory of the Aston Martin DB1 at the Le Mans 24-hours.

Finished in a Stirling Green paint scheme and adorned with the famous Aston Martin Racing lime stripe – as seen on the works Aston Martins in the FIA World Endurance Championship – the Vantage 59 is trimmed to perfection inside, and will surely become one of the most sought-after of the modern breed of Aston Martin.

Andy Palmer. CEO and President of the Aston Martin Lagonda group, explained:

“In a world of autonomous robo-taxis, Aston Martin will continue to advance the art and science of performance driving. With the Vantage AMR, we have created a thoroughly modern sports car that rewards effort and focus from the driver; the antidote to driving a computer game. With the Vantage GTE set to race again at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June, I hope that those customers who are lucky enough to take ownership of a Vantage 59, will have even more reason to celebrate with their new car”.

Anyone wishing to become one of those lucky owners of the Aston Martin Vantage AMR will have to be quick. The list price in the UK and USA stands at £149,995 and $179,995 respectively. If you miss out on the AMR, take note that you will be able to buy a standard Vantage with the manual gearbox as an option from 2020 – so all hope is not lost!

Images Copyright of: Aston Martin.