In a move that will be welcomed by many an Aston Martin owner, HMW Aston Martin, of Walton on Thames, has introduced the ‘Flying Technician’ service. This will enable owners to have their Aston Martin serviced at their home or place of work, with only minimal specified requirements. Such convenience is not commonly offered throughout the Aston Martin dealer network.

HWM remains the only privately owned and family run official Aston Martin dealership and has been selling and servicing the marque for more than 80 years. It is the most experienced Aston Martin dealer in the world. The Flying Technician service is a further sign of the family’s dedication to the brand and will appeal to those owners who cherish their cars.

Specific Requirements

To take advantage of Flying Technician service there are simple requirements to meet. These include a flat surface on which the technician will park the bespoke Aston Martin service van, with a space totalling 9x6metres including the van for the erection of an awning under which the car will be serviced.

If clients can provide an internal area in which the car can be parked and the technician can easily walk around the vehicle, this can also be used as the service area. The benefits of using the Flying Technician include reduced mileage on the car, the ability to have your Aston Martin serviced where it in storage, and keeping your vehicle clean to the highest degree.

New and Heritage Models

The servicing technician – whom owners will get the opportunity to meet should they wish – will use the very latest in diagnostic equipment, specifically designed for Aston Martin, and can carry out full servicing, a health check, and in some cases even minor repairs. The service covers all current and recent models as well as classic Aston Martins, and all you need to do is call HWM and they will arrange a date to visit your desired location and service your car as required.

The Flying Technician team at HMW Aston Martin are on hand to keep your treasured car in top condition, so give them a call!