50 Years of the Ferrari Daytona – Michelotto Race Car

If you were asked to pick a handful of cars that deserve the label ‘iconic’, there is no doubt that the Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona would be among them. Few cars have achieved such status in the way this glorious grand tourer has done, and this year the Daytona celebrates its 50th birthday.

Look at those clean, wonderful lines today and it’s hard to believe this is a design from half a century ago. Check out the sublime V12 engine and jewel-like engineering, and you could be looking at a car from just a few years ago. It’s up there on the list of must-have Ferrari’s for every collector, and the one for sale at Bell Classics is something very special indeed.


Finished in glorious yellow, and in utterly magnificent condition, chassis 13971 did not start its life as one of the fabled Competizione Daytona racing cars – Ferrari built only a handful of those – but has been converted to that specification by a private owner, as a few were in period.

This is no amateur conversion, however; owner Aldo Cudone is well known for his supercar conversions, and after buying the car in 1981, he sought assistance from the Ferrari factory to do the job correctly. Produced to specifications from the original blueprints – and with the mechanical side overseen by the legendary Guiliano Michelotto himself – this is as close as you will get to a genuine Competizione, and comes with an impressive history of competition use on historic rallies and other events.

50 Year Celebration

This Ferrari Daytona is the ideal model to celebrate the 50-year life of such an amazing car. It has been with Bell Classics for a while, and has been acting as their company flagship. The reluctant sale sees the Ferrari offered with an asking price of £900,000. For a Competizione 365GTB/4 that is a price that will surely attract the cream of collectors looking to capitalise on a rare opportunity to own such a scarce and important car.

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