Monday Drool – The Lucybelle – 1 of 1

Every so often Ferrari make a series of very special and unique cars and the 70th Anniversary Ferrari California T Lucybelle is one such example. If you are looking at it and thinking it’s just a Cali T then you are mistaken as this has a price tag of £500k!

The special and limited-edition cars often revolve around anniversaries that are important to Ferrari and their customers. A few years ago, we were shown the Ferrari F60 America, and was a celebration of 60 years of Ferrari selling cars to the US market. Based around the F12, it was a beautiful open top, front engined V12. Japan also got a special model too, in the form of the stunning Ferrari J50, a mid engined open top V8 roadster.

Both of these cars had heavily redesigned exteriors compared to the cars they were based on, and all were sold before the world got to view them for the first time. But for the 70th Anniversary Ferrari took an alternative route. More models, more versions, and a homage to the stars of the past. 70 cars were created of which this is one.

California T Lucybelle – inspired by the 1957 250 Testa Rossa

To the untrained eye this is just a standard California with a nice paint stripe, but looking beyond the hood you realise there is nothing standard about this car. The exterior colours were inspired from the 250 Testa Rossa racecar, which itself took inspiration from a yacht with the same colours. This is where the California T Lucybelle inherited it’s name from.

A peek into the interior and you realise just how special this car is, finished in the same contrasting red interior as the original 250. The interior of the California T Lucybelle is a lovely place to be, and perfectly finished with the white stitching. Of course the drama does not end there, with the interior also finished in black leather, to further accentuate the bright red seats and door cards.

But is it worth £500k? Here is what the Coutts AutomobilesOpens in a new tab. have to say about it:

1 of 1 70th Anniversary Edition Livery #22 THE LUCYBELLE INSPIRED BY THE 250 TESTA ROSSA 1957, over £30k in spec options not including Tailor Made Programme, H.S Special Handling Package Speciale Red interior, Left-hand drive, Metallic The LucyBelle, 1 owner.

Back to that question, is it worth £500k? Well it’s part of the history of Ferrari, part of their present, and in the future will be an icon. This is a collectors car, and is the best California T you will ever be able to purchase. Besides, as the interior badge says that the California T Lucybelle is a Tailor Made car and 1/1, so it sure is worth every penny.

The car is available at Coutts AutomobilesOpens in a new tab.. Be Quick!

Andy Rasool

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