Aston Martin Vanquish S– Another Alluring Grand Tourer from Aston

Aston Martin refers to the Vanquish S as a “Super GT” car, in contrast to the GT title given to such models as the new DB11. Some supercar fans have balked at that name, however, considering the new DB seems to have more on offer with a new engine and chassis. Aston Martin has applied a host of enhancements and upgrades to justify its Super GT designation, and I would simply suggest that one must experience each of the two cars before deciding which is the superior grand tourer.

Better Performance, New Character

Aston claims the Vanquish S is the last model to use its 6.0-litre V12. In this application, the V12 produces 27 more bhp than the standard car. With a grand total of 603 bhp on tap, the top speed is listed at 201 mph, with 0 to 62 mph happening in 3.5 seconds. But that’s not all that has changed; the ride and handling have been sharpened as well, with 10 percent stiffer spring rates and a thicker rear anti-roll bar. While these may not sound like earth-shattering improvements, the result of all of these minor changes is greater than the sum of the parts. Whereas the original Vanquish can be somewhat soft and squidgy, the Vanquish S is a much tauter, more composed grand tourer. Reviewers raved about the car’s newfound stability on corners, with no compromise to ride comfort. Perhaps it really is a Super GT.

Subtle Styling Changes

Giving the Vanquish S a slightly more aggressive demeanour are a new carbon fibre front splitter and rear diffuser. Of course, these bits also function to give the car increased high-speed stability. Also new is a stainless-steel quad exhaust that provides a much livelier exhaust note than on the regular Vanquish. Inside, there is a new sporty Filograph quilt option for the leather adorning the seats, doors, and headliner.


Priced from £199,950, the Vanquish S is only 10 grand dearer than the standard car. With the significant change in character, this seems to be a rather good value then. That should sway more than a few shoppers to consider the Vanquish S, although some will surely prefer to wait for the car’s imminent replacement.

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