With the whole city of Singapore celebrating the Lunar New Year, it is difficult to get away from the colour red, which is the colour of good luck in Eastern culture. Red is everywhere as celebrations are underway, but for one 73 year-old driver, it may no longer be the colour of his choice!

The Pan Pacific Singapore is a luxurious and exclusive hotel, and no stranger to exotic cars. Hence, a bright red Ferrari would raise no eyebrows. A bright red Ferrari that had mounted a kerb and destroyed large amounts of shrubbery is a different matter.

Shattered Bumper

The 73 year-old driver, who police confirm was conscious after the accident and taken to hospital, appears to have lost control outside the hotel on Raffles Boulevard, and pictures show a very messy aftermath. The front bumper of the Ferrari is shattered, while the surrounding greenery has been uprooted and spread across the car and the road.

Several of what appear to be concrete kerbstones are also dislodged, with the car itself perched on top of them. For Ferrari lovers, it is not a pretty sight at all. Details are scant, but we can only assume the driver had not been travelling at speed.

No Other Casualties

Despite the driver being taken to hospital – he remains unnamed – there were no other casualties involved in the accident. Singapore police confirm the crash happened at around 4.40am on Sunday.

This sad tale is yet another reminder that fast and powerful cars need treating with care, even by those familiar with driving them. From the pictures, it would appear the damage to this example may be repairable, but we have no further information to go on.

Images Copyright of: SG Road Vigilante Facebook group page