Ferrari F355 Crashes on the Way to Goodwood Revival

For many motoring enthusiasts, the annual Goodwood Revival is the event of the year. A weekend of stunning racing involving some of the most important historic racing cars, driven by stars of today and yesteryear, draws crowds of thousands every year, with many people arriving in their own exotic road cars, making the car park an attraction in itself.

This was the intention of one lady who set out in her gleaming red Ferrari F355 F1 towards the beautiful Sussex racecourse, but sadly she didn’t quite get there. The unnamed driver ended up in the front garden of a residential property in Worthing, having apparently been in a collision with a Mazda. Police say one driver was treated for minor injuries, but did not mention if it was the lady driver of the Ferrari.

Popular Model

The Ferrari F355 is one of the most popular Ferrari’s of all time. Powered by a 3.5litre V8 engine, and this model – the F1 – having the popular Formula One derived paddle operated gearchange, it was the replacement for the Ferrari 348, and offers performance that is impressive even today. With a potential top speed of almost 190mph, and the ability to reach 60mph in around 4.5seconds from a standing start, this is a performance car of the highest order.

The lady driver of this F355 would presumably have been driving her Ferrari within the legal speed limit, yet the damage done appears to be quite extensive. The current selling price of a good Ferrari F355 would be in the region of £65,000 – that’s a lot of money for the insurance company to be dealing with!

Police, ambulance and the fire service attended the scene in Worthing, while the scene was made safe as fluid was seen leaking from the wrecked Ferrari.

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