Like it or not, the electric car is part of our lives, and this form of propulsion will only become more prevalent on our roads as battery technology improves and fossil fuels become ever more scarce. Once the domain of the small city car, electric vehicles are now found in all classes of cars, and the luxury manufacturers are not shy about adding one to their line-up.

Latest to announce an electric addition to the range is Aston Martin, a brand associated more readily with beautiful, high-performance supercars and grand tourers, usually powered by large internal combustion engines. The model concerned, to be introduced in 2019, is the new Aston Martin Lagonda SUV, a launch in keeping with many rivals in the upper-end of the market.

New Factory

To produce the new model Aston Martin has added another factory, and is currently in the process of converting an old MOD facility at St Athan, in Wales, that will be dedicated to producing the Lagonda SUV. This is a welcome boost for the South Wales economy and will bring some 750 jobs to an area where there is a ready workforce eager for employment.

Reportedly named the ‘Varekai’, the new SUV will be one of two models to revitalise the Lagonda brand. Lagonda will become the technologically focused arm of Aston Martin, with a view to being an all-electric line-up, leaving the main brand itself to continue in the luxury supercar vein.

Artists renditions of the Lagonda SUV show a very bold and stylish design – the latest range of Aston Martin cars features, after all, some of the most beautiful on the market today – and we should expect the first to roll off the new production line in 2019, before the Lagonda brand undergoes a full re-launch in 2021.