Ferrari has issued a recall of a large number of its recent models, as they may be fitted with Fuel Vapour Separators that are faulty. This is a device that prevents petrol fumes from escaping into the atmosphere, but the recall warns that some may be cracked and leak. If this happens, a suitable heat source could cause a fire, resulting in severe damage to a treasured vehicle, and possible injury to anyone in or near the car. And with anything to do with your car, getting it immediately seen to is the number one priority, checking out places like Pickerings Auto Service to have engines, brakes etc. checked will give you peace of mind when driving on the road. If you’re involved in an incident where you have been injured by another vehicle, you may well want to utilize legal assistance to help you with the matter, especially if you’ve been affected medically and financially speaking. Lawyers here may be able to help with this –

Ferrari is notoriously careful with its quality control so will have acted quickly to rectify this situation. It has already replaced those in the factory or on the production line with reliable separators. The company believes as many as 2150 cars – that’s in the USA alone – could be affected, and owners are asked to take their car to a Ferrari dealer to have the problem rectified at no cost.

Supplier at Fault

The problem was first reported when numerous Ferrari drivers were notified by an engine check warning light, and told to visit their nearest dealer. Ferrari has laid the blame for the problem with its supplier.

The recall involves the following models:

  • 488 GTB 2018-2019
  • 488 Spider
  • 488 Pista
  • GTC4 Lusso
  • GTC4 Lusso T
  • 812 Superfast
  • LaFerrari 2017

Further Recall

Another recall has also been issued to owners in the USA of the GTC4 Lusso from 2017 to 2019, and the GTC4 Lusso T from 2018 to 2019. This relates to faulty door mechanisms on these specific models.

It appears that a problem with the mechanism may render the door unable to be opened from outside, and owners are also requested to take their car to a dealer for rectification.

Ferrari will be notifying owners personally to attend for replacement or repairs, beginning in the next couple of weeks.

Images Copyright of: Ferrari.