The Ferrari 599 SA Aperta: For those times when you want to drop a nice piece of change on an exotic car while avoiding those commonplace 1 of 500 models like the LaFerrari. With only 80 models put into production and a mere 8 RHD models sent to the UK, it doesn’t get a lot rarer than this. But its not just its scarcity that makes the SA Aperta so desirable; there is plenty of performance on offer to entire buyers as well.

Instead of carrying over the standard 599 engine, Ferrari fitted the SA Aperta with the same 661-horsepower V12 used in the mighty GTO. The drivetrain and gearbox were pulled from that car as well. That’s why, even though it is technically just a convertible version of the 599 GTB, I think of it more as an open-top GTO. Whether it’s more GTB or GTO, though, the SA Aperta has a style of its own; fitting for a Pininfarina tribute. The styling of the SA Aperta is so distinct, in fact, that very few observers would confuse it with the standard GTB – everywhere from the bumpers to the interior was given attention. Finally, my favourite upgrade has to be the extra-loud exhaust similar to the one used for the 599XX– listening to that soundtrack with the top down has to be quite the addicting experience.

The SA Aperta

This 1 of 80 model is currently available at Romans International in Banstead. Here is what they say about it:

Romans are to offer this ultra rare 2012/12 Ferrari 599 SA Aperta for sale presented in Rosso F1 2007 with Beige Leather. Being 1 of 80 cars built worldwide and believed to be 1 of 8 RHD UK supplied cars; the SA Aperta is the rarest modern-day Ferrari built, no doubt adding to its collectability.

For such a rare and desirable model, the asking price of £1,495,000 seems very reasonable, even if it could also buy a very nice house. This car seems to have been lightly, but not under-used, with just over 4,000 miles on the odometer. While the ad refers to it as an investment opportunity, I hope that whoever the future owner is decides to let it on the roads occasionally so that the world can enjoy that sweet, sweet, exhaust note.


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