Friday Drool – The World’s First Supercar, in Canary Yellow

This is genesis; the car many credit as the first mid-engined supercar. Yes, the Lamborghini Miura started a movement that is going strong to this day. With a slippery shape and over 350 bhp produced by its 3.9-litre V12, the Miura S was the fastest car in the world at the time of its debut in 1968. The high-potency Miura was a bit of a departure for Lamborghini, which had previously only built soft, comfortable GT cars.

Famously designed by Lamborghini engineers in their spare time and against company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s wishes, the Miura quickly gained fame thanks to its swoopy good looks and incredible performance. This supercar recipe would become a mainstay at Lamborghini, with the Miura being the first in a long line of mid-engined V12 flagship offerings including the Countach and the modern Aventador. Imagine if those blokes had decided to stay in Ferruccio’s good graces – the world would have been deprived of some of the most wallpaper-worthy cars ever conceived. I guess sometimes it pays off to go against the grain!

Currently listed for sale at Joe Macari Performance Cars London is a stunning yellow 1969 Miura S, the “S” being a slightly revised, more powerful version of the original Miura. Here is what the Macari website has to say about this model:

The example we have for sale was the 342nd car to leave the production line, making it an ‘S’ variant from factory as only 275 standard cars were produced. This matching numbers Miura had the ultra-desirable air conditioning fitted from factory and was featured in the film ‘Road Hard’. The car sits in a rich Arancio over Black and features Gold Wheels and side skirts.

Rarely does an example of this calibre come up for sale, not an opportunity to be missed!

Of course, owning a beautiful piece of history such as this does not come cheap, with the asking price cresting the £1.3 million mark. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Miura prices climb much higher in the next couple of decades, so this could very well be a smart investment. With only 764 Miuras built, there is plenty of reason to believe that the values of these classics will always remain high. Let’s face it, though, it doesn’t really matter what the price is; this is one astounding piece of automotive history that will reward its owner every day her or she gets to lay eyes on it.

The car is available at Joe MacariOpens in a new tab.. Be Quick!

Andy Rasool

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