Think of a Pope-mobile, and you think of a boxy car with a glass compartment where the Holy Father can wave to the crowds. This vehicle may have been owned by Pope Francis, but it’s not a pope-mobile as we know it!

It’s a specially created one-off Lamborghini Huracan, finished in stunning white with details to represent the Vatican City flag, and it was presented to His Holiness Pope Francis by the factory last November.

During Sotheby’s auction in Monte Carlo on 12th May, this unique Lamborghini was one of the star attractions, the Pope having donated it in order that the proceeds can go towards some of his own personal charitable concerns.

Performance for the Pope

With a top speed of around 200mph and a massively powerful V10 engine the Lamborghini Huracan is a car that offers far more performance than the Pope is used to. His sedate journeys through crowds of adoring worshippers are a far cry from the 3.4 seconds this car will take to reach 60mph!

However, the Lamborghini was donated in the knowledge that it would be auctioned for charitable purposes, and the money will go directly to the Holy See, from where Pope Francis will direct the funds to various charitable projects.

Charitable Aid

The Pope will choose to spread the money between various projects, including a major incentive to restore the displaced Christian population of the Nineveh Plain, in Iraq, and rebuild their churches and other buildings.

Also to benefit are a charity of the Pope’s favouring involved in helping women who have been victims of trafficking, and others that are dedicated to bringing aid to various factions on the African continent.

The buyer chose to remain anonymous, but can rest assured they now own a Lamborghini Huracan that is absolutely unique, and boasting just one very careful and world-famous previous owner.