Ghost Squadron Visits Koenigsegg Ancestral Home – Part 3

Following a Saturday of beautiful roads and excellent fun, Sunday promised to be very special for Ghost Squadron, as 16 amazing Koenigsegg supercars headed across yet more stunning scenery and winding roads to a lovely little village in the Baden-Wurttemburg district.

The sight and sound of these 16 amazing cars, with their prodigious power and glorious looks, arriving in the village of Koenigseggwald will certainly have aroused interest in the locals. This is the ancestral home of Koenigsegg family, from which the founder of the car company is descended, and the family still live on the original estate which they have since the first use of the family name in 1251.

The Koenigsegg family crest is also the inspiration for the car’s badge, and the flag could be seen flying from the estate as the Ghost Squadron paid a respectful visit.

Family Barbeque

The German Koenigsegg family held a barbeque for the visiting Ghost Squadron, and the opportunity for photoshoots in front of the stunning family home was not missed by any. The visitors were treated to a potted history of the car and estate, before leaving for the glorious shores of Lake Constance.

Here, the usual ferry passengers were treated to a delightful sight of the 16 stunning Koenigsegg supercars crossing the lake to spend the evening at the historic Park Hotel, Adler which would play host for Sunday night. With a history as a hotel going back almost 600 years, this wonderful place was the ideal choice as the finishing point for a day steeped in historical significance and the best of the German roads.

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Andy Rasool

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